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  1. 1.-Scope Mgmt. plan
    1. Stablish activities to develop, monitor and control
    2. 2.-Project Charter
      1. Any additional infomation about Project: Risks, assumptions and constraints
      2. 3.-Requirements Documentation
        1. Part of defining scope is determining what the deliverables of the Project are
        2. 4.-OPAs
          1. Politics, procedures, lesson learns of anothers projects
          2. Expert Judgment
            1. Analisys of information
            2. Generation of alternatives
              1. Brain storms to develop other options to do the work
              2. Analisys of product
                1. Method to transcribe tangible project deliverables
                2. Facilitated Workshops
                  1. Sessions to define the objetives of the project
                  2. Project Scope Statement
                    1. Sais what you have to do and what not
                    2. Project document updates
                      1. Stakeholders Register
                      2. Define what in include in the Project and scopes
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