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hrm100 exam revision! excuse the spelling mistake lol!

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  1. HRM is about ensuring you have the right amount of knowledge people at the right time for the organisation. HR department is responsbile for the management of employee that is ensuring the organisation has the employee thy need at the right time but also training and developemnt of existing employee and
    1. strategic HR- is about the direction the organisation wish to go in.
    2. Recruitment
      1. un structured and structured interviews
        1. reference checking is the only means you have to check that the employee is fibbing. its imporant business have a reference check policy
          1. Job analysis and design, followed by internal or external job description, interview, selction, medical check, reference check, placement of offer, orientation
            1. orientation is imporant part in training the new employee, its imporant that it is through, and done over time.
            2. planning
              1. forecasting, benchmarking, goal setting, policies and procedures
                1. HRM need to plan to ensure they have the right amount of knowledge workers at the right time. They also need to ensure employee are recieving remuneration for the work tehy perform.
                  1. environmental influence include globalisation, the ecomonic, polictial and academic standards or impact on the HR plan.
                    1. HR can make downsizing, sustraining or growth plans.
                    2. Development and training
                      1. development is about gaining more knowledge on a skill already developed, or changing away a task is performed.
                        1. training is about teaching new skills
                          1. organisation need to consider
                          2. powerful tool in implenting new procedure, dealing with problems, and changing an organisational culture
                          3. International recruitment and management
                            1. when selecting an employee for internal assigment its imporant that they are selected on there skills, acceptance of different culture, there family circumstance is taken into account
                              1. benefits and remuneration structure need to be figured out and agreed upon before the person leaves.
                                1. Its imporant that the person feels supported and has the necessary training when they arrive, having a go to person can prevent culture shock.
                                2. Safe work place
                                  1. unions main objective is to support the workers and ensure they are recieving what they are entitiled too.
                                    1. HR plays an imporant part in the safety of the organisation becasue they are responble to ensure the workers are trained to perform the task, they have regaular breaks, and there is enough staff on to complete the task witihout someone hurting themselves.
                                    2. motivation, remuneration and benefits
                                      1. you have voluntary and non voluntary benefits
                                        1. benefits paid to the employee need to go inside the organisation direction and have value and purpose to the individual
                                          1. money can motivate an employee but there also needs to be an element of trust
                                            1. Maslow heirachary of needs should be considered when implementing benfits
                                              1. organisation need to ensure they are not discriminating against minority groups. having benefit for woman who have children is a good way to start.
                                              2. change
                                                1. planned and unplanned change
                                                  1. resistance to change can occur because of fear and the unknown
                                                    1. step organisation can take to ensure resistance is miminal include communicating, being honest, involving, rewarding, strategies in place for people that may be let go.
                                                    2. step in the process include unfreeze, implement, and re freeze according to Lewis
                                                      1. a more through process 1. determine the need. 2. determine the resistance 3. intoduce the change 4. implement the change 5. evaluate and reward
                                                    3. ROLE OF HR Manager
                                                      1. strategic planner
                                                        1. employee adovcate
                                                          1. talent manger
                                                            1. create value
                                                              1. organisational ambassdor
                                                                1. HR impact an organisation by increasing employee knowledge and skills and empowering and motivating employee.
                                                                2. 2 approach to HR
                                                                  1. Instrucmental (hard) - use a quantative and strategic approach
                                                                    1. Human (soft approach) emphasis employee development, collabration and trust
                                                                    2. HRIS - Human resource information system
                                                                      1. key issue include price, privacy
                                                                        1. it need to align the budget and need of the organisation
                                                                          1. 3 options 1. design in an hosuse system 2. buy off the shelf and implement 3. buy off the shelve and work with vendor to make it right for your organisation
                                                                            1. the design should be accurate, timely, conscise, relvant, secure and legal
                                                                              1. benefits include less time consumed on payroll, and updating employee details, employee have quicker access to theri details and its good at organising and planning ahead.
                                                                                1. the organisation need to think if they want to intergrate the system with payroll or have it as 2 diffterent systems
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