The Making of Modern South Africa

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The Making of Modern South Africa
  1. Dutch East India Company
    1. sea route around SA by Vasco De Gama - 1497-98
      1. wanted somewhere safer + faster than silk road
        1. colonised to have a place to stop and repair boats + restock food & water
      2. Van Riebeek led colony
        1. 125 other settlers
          1. didn't want to upset local tribes
          2. Slaves intro. to help labour short 1658
            1. came from Portugal, Madagascar and east coast
              1. By 1657 colony was successful
                1. more ppl moved there to make a fresh start
                  1. beginning of Boer Nationalism
            2. The Arrival of the British ( 1795)
              1. gained control of Cape in 1814 (given to them by the Dutch)
                1. began to change laws, education, newspapers
                  1. Boers grew tense
                    1. 1833 British banned slavery
                      1. Boers became very angry
                        1. Great Trek 1834-1840
                          1. outside of British control
                            1. 15 thousand
                            2. early boer settlements became under threat from Zulu
                              1. Piet Retief (leader)
                                1. went to meeting to make peace and Zulu leader killed him
                                  1. battle between boers and zulus
                                    1. 3000 zulus died
                                      1. becomes part of boers nationalism
                                        1. first boer state Natalia in 1839
                    2. Boers saw arrival as threat to nationalism
                    3. Boer War October 1899
                      1. british underestimated boers
                        1. Boers attacked British first
                        2. Boers didn't have a uniform
                          1. hard for british to identify
                            1. ordinary men
                              1. Stage one : Boer offensive
                                1. Boers advantage - they know the land
                                  1. british tried to defend
                                    1. Stage 2- British offensive
                                      1. fresh troops arrived
                                        1. Boers started using guerrilla warfare
                                          1. Stage 3
                                            1. British never experienced this
                                              1. british become desperate
                                                1. British create concentration camps
                                                  1. round up boers
                                                    1. cut off supplies to Boer fighters in 1901
                                                      1. war ended may 1902
                                                    2. burnt farms and food
                                                      1. overcrowded= diseases food shortage
                                                        1. 26370 women and children died
                                          2. over land, diamonds, gold
                                          3. Vereeniging Treaty
                                            1. 1902 British public felt bad
                                              1. ashamed
                                                1. treaty seen as a sorry
                                                2. offered to help boers rebuild, dutch could be taught, self governed
                                                  1. put boers in concentration camps
                                                3. Diamonds and gold
                                                  1. 1867 diamonds and gold discovered north of orange river
                                                    1. on Boer land
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