Immune System Analogy Assignment

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Project about immunity

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Immune System Analogy Assignment
  1. Regular
    1. Pathogen
      1. Patho=Suffering
        1. Gen= Producer
          1. Pathogen : Usually a micororganism that causes infectionvirus/disease
            1. Microscopic Organisms are all around us, on food,etc
            2. Self Defense System (Immune System)
              1. First Line of Defense
                1. Second Line of Defense
                  1. Third Line of Defense
                    1. Immunity
                      1. Helper T Cell
                        1. Recognizing a antigen on a macrophage, then send out chemical message to ther groups of WBC
                          1. Alert B Cells
                            1. Start to multiply
                              1. Produce Antibodies
                                1. Specific for each Antigen, act like handcuffs to immobilize and tag invaders for easier destruction by macrophages
                              2. Memory B Cell
                                1. Archives and Remembers the antugen for quicker response time
                              3. Alert Killer T Cells
                                1. Release proteins that make large holes in the target cell
                              4. Memory T Cells : Intelligence on the antigen
                          2. Non Specific/Cell Mediated Defenses
                            1. Neutrophils
                              1. Monocytes
                                1. Macrophages develop from here
                                  1. Phagocytic WBC.This is a process in which they ingest Bacteria.
                                    1. Does not destroy the foreign antigen
                                    2. Means big eater
                              2. Physical Barriers (Skin, Eyelashes,Cilia)Etc
                                1. Dry and contains indigestible keratin
                                  1. Acidic layer (inhospitable for microbial growth)
                          3. Assassins Creed Analogy
                            1. Pathogens=Assassins
                              1. As explained on the left, pathogens the invading bodies that cause harm to the body, they are invading. All around us, there all millions of microrganisms, most are harmless, but the ones that are dangerous are called pathoen, they cause virus,diseas and infection within a person if they can get past the line of defense.In this case, the Assassins can be viewed as pathogens because they are essentially "invading" society and the big palaces of the beurgoise. The assassins job is to blend in with society and achieve to achieve their goal; which is to kill their target.The society or the palace guards are always trying to hunt the assassins down becuase they pose a threat. They are the ones that want to harm the body or the leader. They are the pathogens because the body or the society is always trying to get rid of them
                                1. Macrophages=Jail Cell
                                  1. Macrophages have the job to englulf dead cells, celluar debris and foreign cells.When they engulf the foreign cell, they do not destroy the antigen. The jail cell in Assassins creed is representitive of the macrophage. The jail cell serves for capturing invaders and leaving them identified
                                    1. Helper T Cells= guards
                                      1. The cells Binds to and rcognizes the antigens presented on the surface of the macrophage.The helper T cells then help coordinate vital informatio about the pathogen by sending chemical messages to other groups of WBC, In This, my analogy is that of the guards, these guards are very wea, but still forces an assassin to draw his weapon. This weapon is known as the antigen that alerts others that he is the enemy.The guards can't kill the assassin but by making them draw the weapon out, the other people know who the enemy is and an enemy is present
                                        1. Killer T cells=Captain
                                          1. The killer T Cells in my analogy is the Captain in Assassins creed. The job of the killer T cell is to recognize and detroy body cells by releasing proteins that create large holes in the target cell's membrane. The killer T cell is similar to that of the Captain. The captain kind of releases more stronger guards (act like protein). They try and kill the Assassin
                                          2. B cells=CPU
                                            1. Antibodies
                                              1. Supressor T cell= Built in the guards
                                                1. Memory T Cell=Wanted poster/Anonymous Level
                                                  1. Memory T and B cells : keep archives on information of diferent pathogens, this leads to a faster immune response. In the game, choosing this analogy was kind of hard, so I went with a wanted poster. Essentially the memory T cells are like wanted poster just laying around everywhere. When the person in the wanted poster is identified in public, the guards go after him
                                                  2. The Supressor T cell has the job of sending chemical messages to stop the immune response to an antigen. In this, my analogy is that it is built in within all enemies in Assassins creed. Suppose, when you are playing as an Assassin, they get caught for doing something (killing, etc) The guards go after them, but the clear distinction between this and the immune system is that the supressor t cells are built within each guard. They know when to keep pursuing and when to stop. Suppose the assasin flees from the area, that means the threat is no longer present. The assassin becomes anonymous again and the antibodies stop attacking him
                                                  3. The antibodies are known as the weak guards. The guards that are heavy in numbers and that are constantly attacking the Assassin. This can slow down the assassin considerabily .
                                                  4. In the game, there really isn't an analogy for the B cells. B cells prouce proteins called antibodies. Similar to this is the CPU engine itself. The CPU engine is what creates the enemies in Assassins creed. Once you are no longer anonymous, the game purposefully makes more enemies to make it harder to go without fighting.
                                            2. General Overview : I'm sure you have played this game if you play fallout. But nonetheless I will explain it for the sake of the presentation. Assassins creed is a game about a group of assassins who, essentially assassinate the corrupt leaders of their society. Evidently they don't follow the rules of their society, thus the leaders of the society are always trying to get rid of the Assassins as they are a hindrance to them .
                                            3. Mohammed H//Bio 20//Period 1
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