Goal setting and Decision making.

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Goal setting and Decision making.
  1. Decision: Choice made from available alternative.
    1. Decision making: Identifying problem/ opportunities and resolving. Analysis, Choice, Commitment, Monitoring.
      1. Programmed decision: Reoccurring/ Decision rules.
        1. Non-Programmed decision: Response to a unique situation. Important consequences for organisation.
          1. Decision making process: Recognition, Analysis, Alternatives, Selection, Implementation, Evaluation.
            1. Decision making context: Clear goal, Full information, Future known,
              1. Models.
                1. Classical: Rational/ Scientific. Realise potential. Productivity leads to profit/ benefit.
                  1. Administrative: Usual way of making decisions. Descriptive. Based on experience.
                    1. Political: Sometimes made. Conflicting goals. Coalition needed.
                    2. Rational decision making: Emphasising Ends and Means is vital.
                  2. Goal: Desired future state/ The ends.
                    1. Goals:
                      1. Mission/ Strategic: Top manament/ Long term goals of organisations future.
                        1. Tactical: Middle Management/ Division level. Plans/Goals at sub-unit level. Process towards strategic goals.
                          1. Operational: Specific/ Measurable. Support tactical plans/ goals which leads to strategic plans/ goals. Short term.
                        2. Plan: A blue print. A resource allocation, Schedules etc. The Means.
                          1. Planning: Defining goals for future performance. Deciding on tasks and resources.
                            1. Plans:
                              1. Contingency: Situational responses/ identify uncontrollable factors.
                                1. Scenario: Visualising future possibilities. Mentally rehearsing.
                                2. Mangement involves constant decision making/ planning.
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