Social Media & The Science Behind It

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This is the relationship between social media and science.

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Social Media & The Science Behind It
  1. 1. Earth Science
    1. Evidence of Change
      1. Social Media has shown way more advance over time.
    2. 2. Astronomy
      1. Effects of Tilt
        1. The satellites used for connections.
      2. 3. Biology
        1. Change Over Time
          1. Battery % drainage the more you use social media.
        2. 4. Chemistry
          1. Atoms Conserve Matter
            1. The more applications that you have on your phone takes up more storage and until you factory reset it
          2. 5. Physics
            1. Energy Can’t Be Created or Destroyed
              1. Once you post something, it’s out there forever. There’s nothing you can do about it.
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