Writing and science connections

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Writing and science connections
  1. Chemistry
    1. 8.A.1. Provide evidence to explain how compounds are produced.
      1. This shows how smaller things can be built up to make something much larger.
        1. similar to how elements make up compounds, stories are built off of small ideas to make up something new in the end
    2. biology
      1. 8.D.1. Change Over Time: Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes.
        1. this the show advancements over time with organisms and writing.
          1. over the time people have went from writing things as records and laws, to recording fictional stories like today because the more social acceptance to ideas.
      2. Earth Science
        1. 8.b. 1 Leaving a record: Explain how a sedimentary rock is formed(embedding plant and animal remains and leaving a record of the sequence in which plants and animals disappeared)
          1. This shows the viewing over along period of time.
            1. similar to fossils we can use past written documents to look at signifgiant changes through history.
        2. Environmental issues
          1. 8.B.1 Recognize and explain how human activities can accelerate or magnifiy many naturally occurring changes.
            1. How activities make a change over time.
              1. Writing has allowed many great ideas to be show and surface from over the years
          2. Astronomy
            1. 8.D.2 Regular and predictable motion: Identify and explain celestial phenomene using the regular and predictable motion of an object in the solar system
              1. This is another example of the viewing of change and how we can record it.
                1. Writers can record on different phenomena from looking at patterns including that of our solar system.
            2. Physics
              1. 8.A.2. Identify and relate formal ideas (Newton’s Laws) about the interaction of force and motion to real world experiences.
                1. This shows guidelines given to understand a concept.
                  1. some authors may have rules or guidelines to how they’re story is structured like how Newton had laws on how physics works and how it’s structured.
              2. Thermodynamics
                1. 8.B.2. Identify and explain that heat energy is a product of the conversion of one form of energy to another.
                  1. THis shows how one thing can be rooted to another thing.
                    1. Ideas that writers may have rooted from one thing to form another idea or story similar to different energy.
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