Dance and the Science Connection

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Science Final Project

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Dance and the Science Connection
  1. Earth Science
    1. 8.B.2. Evidence of Change: Recognize and explain that fossils found in layers of sedimentary rock provide evidence of changing life forms.
      1. We can tell what organisms use to live on earth is because of fossils: dancers know how dancing has changed due to basic standard steps.
    2. Astronomy
      1. 8.D.2. Regular and Predictable Motion: Identify and explain celestial phenomena using the regular and predictable motion of objects in the solar system
        1. The moon also turns and its constant;Rhythm is constant in dancing.
      2. Biology
        1. 8.D.1. Change Over Time: Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes.
          1. We can tell the difference between modern day organisms and way way back organisms due to fossils; Over time different genres has been made in dancing.
        2. Chemistry
          1. 8.D.3. Chemical Reactions: Provide evidence to support the fact that common substances have the ability to change into new substances.
            1. Two liquids can make a brand new substance; New dancing Genres are sometimes based off of older ones. Also two dancing Genres can make one new one.
          2. Physics
            1. 8.A.1. Motion: Develop an explanation of motion using the relationships among time, distance, velocity and acceleration.
              1. Motion is the action or process of moving or being moved;For a dancer to jump far he/she has to get a running start to jump farther.
            2. Thermodynamics
              1. 8.B.1. Transfer of Heat: Describe and cite evidence that heat can be transferred by conduction, convection and radiation.
                1. While a dancer is performing and the lights is on them the heat from the lights heats up the dancer by radiation.
              2. Enviornmental Issues
                1. 8.B.1. Environmental Impact: Recognize and explain how human activities can accelerate or magnify many naturally occurring changes.
                  1. When we pollute we make earth less clean;as dancers if we do not eat healthy our body will not be healthy
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