Supervisor actions after operational TASER discharge/stun

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Mind Map on Supervisor actions after operational TASER discharge/stun, created by PhilandTracy Sayers on 06/12/2015.

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Supervisor actions after operational TASER discharge/stun
  1. Attend scene ASAP and ensure proper aftercare/medical attention
    1. Preserve/photo scene if believe necessary for further enquiries
      1. Ensure all evidence (cartridges, wires, probes, 5x Cartridge ID tags) are recovered and secured
        1. Determine if use of the TASER appropriate with Police Instructions
          1. Ensure TASER operator completes TASER register
            1. Ensure TASER operator and others involved submit TOR
              1. Ensure TASER operator(s) upload footage to Evidence.Com via evidence sync (including TOR and event details)
                1. Inform TASER district coordinator of incident by email BEFORE end of shift
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