Week 13 Effective Pedagogies

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Week 13 Effective Pedagogies
  1. Learning and the Future
    1. The use of electronic devices have significantly increased--> skills needed for electronic devices PRECEDE skills for reading and writing on pen and paper
      1. RESULT- wider gap in students learning
        1. AS TEACHERS- need to use a variety of ways to engage students
      2. C21st Learning
        1. learning environment needs to -involve creativity, innovation -encompass self-directed learning -has strong constructivist approach
      3. Pedagogies
        1. DEFINITION:- crafting together of teachers' knowledge, skills and abilities to create effective learning opportunities and outcomes for students in a range of contexts
          1. Shaped by: the school, policies, socio-political and historical contexts, influences on students' lives
            1. Some considerations- how the content is taught, how activities and tasks are blended together and taught
                1. immersing in new experiences to make connections with old knowledge
                  1. abstract knowledge and generalise
                    1. critical think about things and drawing relationships between events, people and ideas
                    2. 4 DIMENSIONS OF MEDIA AND LEARNING (ACDM)
                      1. Agency- Students are the designers (creative), they make personal choices and are personally involved
                        1. Conceptualisation- navigation and use of higher-order and metacognition skills
                          1. Divergence- individual learner differences (individuality)
                            1. Multimodality- learning from a mix of different modes
                          2. Inclusive Curriculum
                            1. recognises and values the diversity of learners and aims to include everyone and giving everyone fair opportunities
                              1. Pedagogical Strategies
                                1. create a sense of belonging. positive environment
                                  1. recognise the influences of a range of contexts in the classroom e.g. gender, cultural, linguistic and intellectual backgrounds
                                    1. non-discriminatory language
                                      1. activities that promote engagement and sharing ideas
                                        1. diverse perspectives
                                    2. Literacy
                                      1. DEFINITION- being able to create, comprehend, interpret, analyse, critique and communicate meaning through interactions in a range of modes, mediums and various contexts
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