Marc Chagall

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Year 7 Art Mind Map on Marc Chagall, created by jetaylor18 on 10/22/2013.

Created by jetaylor18 about 6 years ago
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Marc Chagall
1 He was a Hasidic Jew
1.1 Hasidic Jews care for land and animals
1.2 Land and animals are highly respected.
2 Liked to use surrealism, fuavism and cubism.
2.1 Cubism is using a lot of different shapes to create art.
2.2 Surrealism is making almost dream like and surreal art.
2.3 Fauvism is using unusual colour to create art.
2.3.1 Colours-bold,vivid,unrealistic
3 Had 8 brothers and sisters
3.1 Grew up in a small town called Liozna in Belarus
3.1.1 Was at that time part of the Russian Empire.
4 Moved to Paris and became a famous artist
4.1 He painted walls, ceilings, stained glass windows and props for plays
5 he liked to play with scale
5.1 Things far away then close up or upside down.