Humanities experience 2015

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Final group project for hum 9

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Humanities experience 2015
  1. Group Experience
    1. Hard to start, easy to finish
      1. Hard to first learn others working habbits
        1. Some people had bad work habbits
          1. Pulled team down
        2. Once the ball was rolling, it was easy to keep it going
        3. Too little time to complete quality projects
          1. Organize group to use people strengths
            1. Made work easier
              1. Less stress on you
                1. Work load shared
                  1. Shared knowledge
                2. Working Conditions
                  1. Homework was not overwhelming
                    1. Quality over quantity
                    2. Loved the breaks
                      1. It let us refresh
                        1. Made it easier to switch between topics
                          1. Gave us some social time
                          2. Desk partners changed every month
                            1. More Interaction
                              1. Friendships created
                            2. Overall Experience
                              1. Good
                                1. Hum gives more diversity
                                  1. In groups
                                    1. Homework
                                      1. Class Discussions
                                      2. More consistancy
                                        1. Allowed us to understand others work efforts
                                        2. Bad
                                          1. At times frustrating
                                            1. Went to slow
                                              1. Sometimes rushed through subjects
                                              2. Liep is loud
                                            2. Material Coverage
                                              1. Could have spent more time on other topics
                                                1. More democracy
                                                  1. Could have voted on what we wanted to spent more time on
                                                  2. Not much time spent on Napolean
                                                    1. Not enough poetry
                                                    2. Finished corriculum
                                                      1. Plenty of time
                                                        1. Sometimes wasted
                                                      2. English and Socials combined
                                                        1. Importance of reading
                                                          1. strengthened mind
                                                            1. group reading
                                                              1. shared opinions
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