SAB6# 66 & 67_Plan_Cost_Management

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SAB6# 66 & 67_Plan_Cost_Management
  1. Analytical techniques
    1. Return on investment
      1. Discounted cash flow
      2. Cost Management Plan
        1. Units of Measure
          1. Level of Precision
            1. Level of Accuracy
              1. Organizational Procedures Links
                1. Control Thresholds
                  1. Rules of Performance Measurement
                    1. Reporting Formats
                      1. Process Descriptions
                      2. life Cycle Costing
                        1. Project Charter
                          1. Enterprise Environmental Factors
                            1. Project Management Plan
                              1. Plan Scope Management
                                1. Plan Schedule Management
                                  1. Plan Human Resources Management
                                    1. Plan Risk Management
                                      1. Plan Communications Management
                                      2. Organizational Process Assets
                                        1. Expert Judgment
                                          1. Meetings
                                            1. Value Analysis
                                              1. Cost Risk
                                                1. Plan how you´ll estimate, track, & control your costs
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