Guidance Counselor

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Guidance counselor

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Guidance Counselor
  1. Application of theoretical understanding of Guidance Programs
    1. Exploring pedagogical strategies and assessment and evaluation practices
      1. enhancing awareness of holistic learning environments
        1. collaboration with in-school personnel, parents/guardians and the community
          1. creating and sustaining safe, healthy, equitable and inclusive learning environment
            1. interpersonal skill development
              1. air and equitable counseling practices that honour the dignity
                1. Support personal, career and educational planning
                  1. Assessing a variety of appropriate resources
                    1. Program planning and development
                      1. Support various educational pathways and goals
                        1. Exploring differentiated instructional strategies
                          1. Support students in their education and career planning
                            1. Support student learning, self-advocacy and transitions
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