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Dom Clark
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a mind map about bullying and what you can do to solve it

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  1. types of bullying
    1. cyber bullying
      1. physical bullying
      2. rumors
        1. is it good
          1. is it true
            1. can be very hurtful
            2. bully
              1. someone who uses exessive force to influence those around them
                1. commonly rough
                  1. aggresion
                    1. male
                      1. hurting people
                      2. victim
                        1. female
                          1. small
                            1. weak
                              1. scared
                                1. a person who is harmed or injured as the result of a crime or accident
                                2. who should you tell
                                  1. relative
                                    1. parent or guardian
                                      1. thinkuknow.co.uk
                                        1. teacher
                                        2. bystander
                                          1. a person who witnesses an event but doesnt get physically involved
                                            1. unisexual
                                              1. regretful
                                                1. hopeful
                                                2. abuse
                                                  1. kick
                                                    1. hit
                                                      1. name-calling
                                                        1. rumors
                                                        2. Descalation
                                                          1. tell someone you really trust-they should be able to help
                                                            1. ignore the person bullying you
                                                              1. cool things down
                                                              2. escelation
                                                                1. make things worse
                                                                  1. bully them back
                                                                    1. taunt them
                                                                    2. CEOP/thinkuknow.co.uk
                                                                      1. moral support
                                                                        1. age based guidelines
                                                                          1. the report abuse button
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