Six Steps to War

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Six Steps to War
  1. Conscription and Rearmament
    1. In 1935 Hitler introduced conscription (calling men to army) This broke the Treaty of versailles
      1. Because of appeasement Britain and France let him get away with it
      2. Rhineland
        1. Hitler invaded the Rhineland on March 7th 1936
          1. Also went against TOV
          2. It was a bluff; the german army only had 22,000 soldiers and had orders to retreat if met by any resistance
            1. France and Britain did nothing
          3. Austria
            1. In 1938, Hitler tried to take over Austria
              1. First Hitler encouraged the Austrian Nazis to demand union with Germany
                1. Due to pressure Austria had Anschluss with Germany
                  1. Again breaking the Treaty of Versailles and again no responce from France or Britain
                2. Czechoslovakia
                  1. In March 1939, Hitler's Troops marched into the rest of Czechoslovakia. This was when Britain knew there would have to be a war
                    1. Hitler had promised he would need no more of Czechoslovakia but lied
                    2. Sudetenland
                      1. In 1938, Hitler tried to take over the Sudetenland but failed
                        1. In Munich 29th Sep. 1938 Britain and France gave the Sudetenland to Hitler without Czechoslovakia's consent
                        2. USSR/NAZI pact and Scottland
                          1. In 1939, Hitler tried to Poland. First the German's in Danzig demanded union with Germany so Hitler threatened war
                            1. Chamberlain promised to support Poland if Germany attacked
                              1. In August 1939, Hitler had a secret union with Russia, believing it would stop Britain and France helping Poland
                                1. On the 1st September 1939 Hitler declared war on Poland two days later Britain declared war on Hitler
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