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  1. Earth science
    1. Astronomy
      1. Biology
        1. Change over time: Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes
          1. This relates to daycare because the way you make as many items you need for your daycare
        2. Effects of tilt: Recognize and explain the effects of the tilt of the earths axis
          1. Over the course of the orbit, the angle of the axial tilt does not change, and the orientation of the axis remains the same
        3. Evidence in change: Recognize and explain that fossils found in layers sedimentary rock provide evidence of changing life forms
          1. This relates to daycare because the weather can make the kids sick when they are outdoors
        4. Chemistry
          1. Physics
            1. Recognize and explain that energy can neither be created or destroyed; rather it changes form or is transferred through the actions for forces
              1. The blankets that are used are from different fabrics and it cannot change form
            2. Provide evidence to support the fact that common substances have the ability to change into new substances
              1. You can recycle plastic bottles and turn them into baby bottles
            3. Thermodynamics
              1. Identify and explain that heat energy is a product of the conversion of one form of energy to another
                1. The blankets would provide heat for the kids when they take a nap
              2. Environmental Issues
                1. Explain and Recognize how human activities can accelerate or magnify many naturally occurring things
                  1. When the kids run around they cause the place to get messy causing changes
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