Science Connections

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My science project.

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Science Connections
  1. Thermodynamics
    1. Heat Transformations
      1. Electric motor:converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Fuels:chemical energy to heat energy.
    2. Astronomy
      1. Effects of Tilt
        1. Earth’s tilt axis affects the seasons and how much sunlight we get. It also effects how long days are.
      2. Chemistry
        1. Compounds
          1. A compound is formed from atoms of different chemical elements. The different atoms are combined.
        2. Physics
          1. Energy Transformation
            1. It changes its state of form and its chemical substance.
          2. Earth Science
            1. Role of Water
              1. The hydrosphere is near the water. When water evaporates it rises into the atmosphere and makes precipitation like a water cycle.
            2. Environmental Issues
              1. Environmental Impact
                1. How humans react in a certain environment will accelerate naturally occurring things.
              2. Biology
                1. Change Over Time
                  1. Over one million years ago species have changed into present day humans. Different species have developed from different environments.
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