The Three Approaches Of Arguements

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three approaches of arguments. details

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The Three Approaches Of Arguements
  1. The Classical Approach to Arguement
    1. -Inverted by Aristotle
      1. persuade people to agree with your ideas
        1. Introduction
          1. Getting the attention of people to get them to listen to your opinion
          2. Statement of fact
            1. Give background info on your issue/opinion so people understand here youre coming from and the issue
            2. Proposition
              1. State your thesis with supportive details
              2. Refutation
                1. Analyzed & summarize the important points of your statement
                2. substantiation
                  1. use thos, pathos, logos appeals to make your case
                    1. use examples
                    2. Conclusion
                      1. restate most important points include feeling & values
                    3. The Tomlin Approach to Argument
                      1. claim
                        1. Asking a person to accept something you're telling them
                          1. People will ask you to prove why they should accept your statement
                          2. Grounds
                            1. Stating facts to prove that your claim is correct
                              1. You can state data that isn't 100% true it's mostly based on perception
                                1. This could be biased
                                2. The more rational and logical you are the more you persuade people
                                3. Warrant
                                  1. using values or emotional similarities with the person to help them relate
                                    1. A warrant links data and other grounds to a claim.
                                      1. has 6 main argument strategies "GASCAP"
                                        1. Generalization
                                          1. Analogy
                                            1. Sign
                                              1. causality
                                                1. Authority
                                                  1. Principle
                                                2. Backing
                                                  1. to support an argument giving additional support to warrant by answering additional questions.
                                                  2. Qualifier
                                                    1. Includes words such as most, usually, always or sometimes
                                                      1. Reservation gives the possibility of claim being wrong.
                                                        1. Advertisers mostly use qualifiers and reservations because they can not lie.
                                                        2. Rebuttal
                                                          1. A contradiction
                                                            1. a rebuttal is an argument in itself and my include a claim, warrant, backing and so on.
                                                          2. The Rogerian Approach to Argument
                                                            1. Invented by Carl Rogers by finding common ground
                                                              1. introduction
                                                                1. briefly salves the problem
                                                                2. a non-judgmental statement that shows the writer understands.
                                                                  1. a neutral statement of your position
                                                                    1. the analysis that of what two positions have in common and the things they shere
                                                                      1. a proposal where both parties benefit
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