Andes - case study of fold mountains

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Created by jeacur almost 6 years ago
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Andes - case study of fold mountains
1 Where?
1.1 longest range of fold mountains in world
1.1.1 7,000Km
1.2 Length of S. America
1.3 average height of 4,000m
2 Cause?
2.1 Nazca plate and SAmerican plate
2.2 destructive plate margin
3 Opportunities for people
3.1 Farming
3.1.1 potatoes - main source of food also soybeans, rice and cotton
3.1.2 steep slopes are overcome by the use of terraces terraces also retain what little rain is received
3.1.3 Llamas also reared carry materials for irrigation and buildings into otherwise inaccessible areas can carry 25% of its bodyweight female llamas also used for meat and milk, their wool for clothes and rugs
3.2 Mining
3.2.1 ranks in ton ten countries for tin, nickel, silver and gold
3.2.2 more than half Peru's exports are from mining
3.2.3 Yanacocha gold mine is largest in the world however the gold bearing rock is sprayed with cyanide and gold extracted from resulting solution can lead to water contamination
3.2.4 Cajamarca grown from 30,000 when mine because to 240,000 growth means jobs but also lack of services and increased crime rate
3.3 HEP
3.3.1 steep slopes and narrow valleys are more easily dammed
3.3.2 relief encourages rapid flow of water
3.3.3 melting snow in spring increases water supply
3.3.4 variation throughout the year is a disadvantage
3.4 Tourism
3.4.1 Many natural attractions peaks, volcanoes, glaciers and lakes
3.4.2 Inca early settlements and Inca trail trail consists of three routes that join at Machu Picchu

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