Main Action Plan

Alisia Mathers
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Main Action Plan
  1. June
    1. Main task brief
      1. Initial thoughts
        1. Genre research
          1. Research into similar products
            1. Andrew Goodwin theory
              1. Questionnaire and results
                1. Lyric analysis
                  1. Legal obligations
                  2. July
                    1. Overall synopsis of video narrative
                      1. Storyboard
                        1. Artist, song, fonts and connotaions
                          1. Defining audience
                            1. What Uses and Gratifications (according to Blumler and Katz) will an audience derive from your product?
                              1. How are music videos regulated and censored?
                              2. August
                                1. How does the music industry operate?
                                  1. Our legal obligations
                                    1. Start filming
                                    2. September
                                      1. Finish filming
                                        1. Edit rough cut
                                          1. Audience feedback
                                            1. Final editing
                                            2. October
                                              1. Ancillary task 1 action plan
                                                1. Three similar products
                                                  1. Questionnaire and results
                                                    1. Grids, length plans
                                                      1. Image planning
                                                        1. Edit images
                                                          1. Audience feedback
                                                          2. November
                                                            1. Final product finished for ancillary 1
                                                              1. Ancillary 2 action plan
                                                                1. Research into 3 similar products
                                                                  1. Questionnaire and results
                                                                    1. Image plan
                                                                      1. Take images and edit
                                                                        1. Audience feedback
                                                                          1. Draft
                                                                            1. Feedback and final product
                                                                            2. December
                                                                              1. Evaluation
                                                                                1. Extend your understanding questions (If have time)
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