mapa mental superlativos y comparativos

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es muy interesante saber cuales sos los superlativos y los comparativos

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mapa mental superlativos y comparativos
    1. Denotes the superlative quality at the highest level and as in Spanish, "the" before the adjective used in the superlative form (see below).
      1. FOR EXAMPLE:PlayJuan is the fastest. PlayAngela'a room is the cleanest. Play I am the tallest. PlayNew York is the biggest city in the United States. Note: If the adjective is possessive, "the" is not used. In addition "the" is not used when comparing something with himself. Examples: PlayHis smartest student is Lisa. PlayNew York is coldest in January.
      1. The comparative degree When making comparisons, we can highlight the superiority, inferiority or equal quality of either. The structure of each of these degrees of comparison is different.
        1. Comparative of superiority. In comparisons of superiority, the adjective, the comparative form is (see below), is followed by "than". Examples: Play Juan is faster than Mark. Play Angela's room is cleaner than Sue's. Play I am workshop than Beth. Play New York is bigger than Los Angeles.
          1. Comparative of inferiority. To form this type of comparison we can use the conjunctions "not as ... as" or "less than ...". In both cases, the adjective is positive rating. Examples: Play Mark is not as fast as Juan. Play Sue's clean room is less than Angela's. PlayBeth is not as tall as me. PlayLos Angeles is not as big as New York.
            1. Comparative equality. With the adjective in the positive degree, we use the word "as ... as" to make equality comparisons. Examples: PlayMark is as fast as Juan. PlaySue's room is as clean as Angela's. PlayLos Angeles is as big as New York. Note: We can modify a comparison with a quantifier (much, a lot, a little ...). Examples: PlayJuan is a lot faster than Mark. Play I am a little workshop than Beth.
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