Clash of Cultures

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about colonisation

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Clash of Cultures
  1. Australia
    1. the stolen generation
      1. the aborigine children were taken from their mothers in 1910-1970
        1. they were taken from their parents because the government didn't believe in the future of the aborigines
      2. common terms
        1. colonisation
          1. taken over
            1. another group comes in
              1. often has negative impacts
                1. pioneers
                2. assimilation
                  1. the domimant group completely takes over the weaker group with hope they will die out
                3. native American Indians
                  1. they were mostly nomadic. There impact with the white men varied from tribe to tribe ,some had good impacts like the arikara tribe and some were quite bad like the Micmac's because the Europeans brought diseases
                    1. Indian removal act
                      1. it was signed into law by president Andrew Jackson on 28th may 1830
                        1. many tribes went peacefully while others resisted the relocation policy
                          1. the tribes were paid out of their land approx. $1500 US
                            1. During the fall of 1838-1839 the Cherokees were forcibly moved west by the US government ,approximately 4000 Cherokees died on this march which became known as the trail of tears
                            2. trail of tears
                              1. the trail of tears commonly refers to the series of forced relocations of native American tribes in the united states following the removal act
                              2. their were many lasting impacts of the Europeans
                                1. life on reservations
                                  1. loss of land
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