Skills for Care with pics

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key skills and Care skills

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Skills for Care with pics
  1. Skills for work
    1. Vocabulary : Knowing terms for work
      1. mobility aids used in care
        1. Professionals in Care
        2. Listening skills
          1. Listening for instructions
            1. Listening for detail
              1. Listening for information
              2. reading skills
                1. Reading manuals , forms and laws
                  1. reading for detail
                  2. Writing
                    1. Form filling
                      1. Accident reports
                        1. Care Plans
                        2. Speaking skills
                          1. Communication Skills
                            1. Voice tone and clarity. Carer's voice is warm and friendly
                        3. Medical terms I need to know
                          1. Residential care room
                          2. Practical skills for using equipment and I.T.
                            1. examples of mobility Aids
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