Body Coordination

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Body Coordination
  1. the adjustment of our body's responses towards any stimuli that involve several parts of body
    1. involves the adjustment of organs, limbs and body system
      1. two types of body coordination
        1. nervous system
          1. deals with rapid but short-lived responses
            1. it involves transmission of electrical impulses along nerve fibres
              1. speech
                1. memory and thinking
                  1. senses
                    1. voluntary and involuntary actions
                    2. endocrine system
                      1. deals with slower but long-lasting responses
                        1. it involes secretion and transport of chemical substances
                          1. growth
                            1. sexual maturity
                              1. amount of water in the body
                                1. glucose level in blood
                              2. stimulus
                                1. internal
                                  1. the change in blood sugar level
                                  2. external
                                    1. the pain felt when pricked with a needle
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