the 1975

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the 1975

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the 1975
  1. The bands name written in white and bold font
    1. This helps it to stand out and attract their fans to read the article inside
    2. magazines name also written in white and a bold font.
      1. Image of the lead singer ( Matt Healy).
        1. hair smart but gelled back
          1. Helps to give off the indie rock image
        2. Also written in white 'Working on a dream' above the title
          1. Further detail into the band and what they aim to achieve
            1. "So where’d this lot come from? Britain’s number-one new band explains their rise to the mainstream; about turning their dreams into the reality tey’re experiencing right now. And it’s not just happening here in the UK – when Clash calls Matt Healy, he’s in Japan. “It’s crazy how an idea can start in a room and spread across the world,” he tells us.
            2. Barcode right bottom of the page to blend in with the image and not stand out in the magazine cover
              1. Clash is a popular music and fashion magazine and website based in the United Kingdom. It is published 10 times a year by Music Republic Lt
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