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  1. Foil?
    1. Different from Richard
      1. Looks down on poor-- in-laws
      2. Antagonist
        1. When Richard has cancer
          1. Opposes the idea of them staying together
            1. Does not like Richard's grandma, aunt, mother
            2. Minor character
              1. Richard mentioned that she was house proud
                1. She only wants to look house proud-- making her house nice to show off
                2. Appears in second paragrraph
                  1. Proposed to with expensive diamond ring
                    1. Materialistic
                      1. Quote: The best or nothing
                        1. Concerned with appearances and how she appears to others
                          1. Suggests that she thinks that anything that is not the best is not good enough for her ( Wants people to think that way )
                            1. She said " a few hundred dollars" casually when it had cost a few thousnd
                              1. Why did she lie?
                                1. Doesn't want Mrs Harris to think that she is a spendthrift / splurges money
                                  1. Mabel is a person very concerned about what people think of her
                                  2. She forgot the price?
                                  3. Wants to show that amount is not much, imply that she is very rich
                              2. Mabel's purpose: to flaunt her wealth/ symbolizes status
                                1. Actual purpose of ring: shows bond with each other
                            2. Talks about in laws visit to her house. She said that grandma slipped in the toilet, but she wasn't concerned and carried on complaining about the mess she created
                              1. Shows that she is not caring
                                1. Then she said " so we have done our part" Why?
                                  1. She knows her duty as daughter-in-law
                                    1. Doesn't really want to do it
                                      1. Doesn't really care
                                      2. Does it for the sake of mantaining appearance
                                        1. Said as though she cared, make her friends think that she is a good daughter-in-law
                                  2. Cares about Richard, really loves him
                                    1. Was willing to sell all her jewellery and shares to get Richard a specialist to cure his cancer
                                      1. Did not want Richard to go back to his hometown as she feared for his well-being
                                        1. Was hurt beyond expression when Richard made his decison to go back to his hometown, where there were no medical facilities
                                          1. Advised him to quit smoking as she knew it was bad for his health
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