Differential diagnoses of rounded breast masses

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Mind map of differential diagnoses of rounded breast masses

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Differential diagnoses of rounded breast masses
  1. Benign lesions
    1. Cyst
      1. Parenchymal cyst
        1. Sebaceous cyst
          1. Epidermal inclusion cyst
          2. Fibroadenoma
            1. Phyllodes tumour
              1. Papilloma
                1. Lactating adenoma
                2. Primary malignant lesions
                  1. Invasive ductal carcinoma
                    1. Medullary carcinoma
                      1. Mucinous (colloid) carcinoma
                        1. Papillary carcinoma
                          1. Intracystic carcinoma
                            1. Adenoid cystic carcinoma
                            2. Secondary malignant lesions
                              1. Contralateral breast cancer
                                1. Lymphoma/leukaemia
                                  1. Melanoma
                                    1. Sarcoma
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