Romantics/ Romanticism

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Romantics/ Romanticism
1 The Sublime
1.1 Sublime reaction to nature
1.2 Majestic, wild sometimes savage. Viewers overwhelmed, awe-struck sometimes terrified by the sublime
1.3 Natural phenomena, mountains waterfalls, turbulent seas and thunderstorms "delightful terrors" inspired by sublime visions.
1.4 Reminds viewers of insignificance in the force of nature
2 Characterised by 5 "I's"
2.1 Imagination
2.1.1 emphasised over "reason". Imagination necessary for creating all art.
2.2 Intuition
2.2.1 Feelings or instincts rather than reason, emotions important
2.3 Idealism
2.3.1 Can make the world a better place
2.4 Inspiration
2.4.1 Spontaneous rather than precise
2.5 Individuality
2.5.1 Celebrate the individual. During this time period Womens Rights and Abolitionism taking root as major movements
3 Literature
3.1 American Romanticism most strongly impacted literature
3.2 Writers explored supernatural and gothic themes
4 Definition
4.1 Romanticism refers to a movement in art, literature and music during the 18th and 19th centuries philosophical, literary artistic and cultural era
4.2 Reverence for the natural world. Physical and emotional passion. Interest in the mythic and supernatural.
4.3 Spontaneity in Romantic Poetry. Movement was still concerned with composition of translating emotive response into poetic form. Many favoured the Sonnet Form
5 Origins
5.1 Reaction against Neo-classism. Links back to courtly love and chivalry
5.2 Began to take root as a movement following the French Revolution
5.2.1 Say it as a means for change.
5.3 Reaction against Enlightenment ideas of the day. And Industrial Revolution
6 Visual Arts
6.1 Neo-classical art
6.1.1 rigid, severe, unemotional. Ancient Greece and Rome
6.2 Romantic Art
6.2.1 emotional, individualistic, exotic. Reaction to Neoclassicism.
7 Romantic Poets - Order of Birth
7.1 1. William Blake
7.2 2. William Wordsworth
7.3 3. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
7.4 4. Lord Byron
7.5 5. Percy Bysshe Shelley
7.6 6. John Keats

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