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Drug used in treatment of paracetamol posioning, contrast nephropathy protection and act as mucolytic

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  1. Indications
    1. Paracetamol Poisoning antidote
      1. In IV form
        1. Overdosage can cause ANAPHLACTOID REACTION but histamine release is not bcoz of IgE, so it can be started once again at lower infusion rate after reaction stopped(by stopping infusion and giving antihistamine and/or bronchodilator)
          1. It replenish glutathione in body
            1. 21 hr infusion, check dose
              1. Effective if given within 8 hrs of a single overdose of paracetamol
              2. prevent contrast nephropathy
                1. Mechanism not really known, could be due to its antioxidant effect
                  1. 600-1200 mg PO/12hrly for 2 days begining the day before procedure
                  2. mucolytic
                    1. Reduce Viscosity of respiratory secretion
                      1. can cause bronchospasm, so give SALBUTAMOL before starting
                        1. it liquify mucus, it can aid in sputum clearance as well
                          1. 2.5-5 mL 10% soln/6 hrly
                            1. 20% available dilute to 10%
                          2. In nebulized form
                          3. eye drops act as eye lubricant
                            1. along with hypermellose
                              1. llube brand
                          4. Monitor INR (most sensitive marker),ALT,creatinine concentration
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