Policies to increase population in Singapore

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Policies to increase population in Singapore
  1. Three or More If You Can Afford It
    1. Bring Singapore's population growth back to the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman
      1. Encouraged parents to have three children or more if they could afford it
        1. To help relieve the financial burden of having children, government introduced measures
          1. such as allowing the use of Medisave to pay for the delivery charges of the first three children
          2. Number of children born per woman increased from..
            1. 1.48 in 1986 to 1.96 in 1988
              1. Increase in 1988 partly due to it being year of dragon
                1. Chinese consider it to be an auspicious year
                  1. After 1988, number of children born per woman steadily fell, reaching a fertility rate of 1.24 in 2004
          3. The Graduate Mothers Scheme
            1. Encourage marriages among graduates and to encourage graduates to have more children
              1. Based on research, education level of the parents had a direct impact on the performance of their children in schools
                1. PM Lee felt that female graduates should have more children
                  1. which leads to a higher chance of the new generation workforce being more educated
                  2. Introduced in 1984
                    1. Did not win the support of the people
                      1. Schemewithdrawn after one year of implementation in 1985
                        1. The less-educated were unhappy as they felt neglected under the policy
                      2. Other pro-family measures
                        1. Equalised medical benefits
                          1. Previously only fathers could make medical claims for their children from their employers
                            1. Now, both parents can make medical claims
                          2. Grandparent caregiver relief
                            1. Income tax relief of $3000 if a grandparent is helping the couple take care of their child
                            2. 5-day work week for the Civil Service
                              1. To allow for better work-life balance
                              2. Extended maternity leave
                                1. From 8 weeks to 12 weeks
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