Healthcare policies in Singapore

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Healthcare policies in Singapore
  1. Encouraging self-reliance
    1. Medisave
      1. Introduced in 1984
        1. Certain amount of money from CPF channeled to Medisave account
          1. Can be used to pay hospital bills and certain medical treatment when needed
            1. To meet our healthcare needs, especially during retirement
            2. MediShield
              1. National healthcare insurance scheme
                1. Payed for with Medisave
                  1. pay for large medical bills which Medisave does not cover
                2. Keeping healthcare affordable
                  1. Government subsidies
                    1. government gives different rates of subsidies to the different classes of wards in hospitals
                      1. Class C wards receive most in subsidies, followed by B2,B3,A
                    2. Medifund
                      1. set up in 1993
                        1. Provide help to those who are not able to pay for healthcare
                          1. government started with a fund of $200 million
                            1. interest earned from this fund given to public hospitals to provide help for needy patients
                            2. For needy Singaporeans who despite Medisave, Medishield and government subsidies, still cannot afford to pay for medical expenses
                            3. Restructuring of hospitals
                              1. Hospitals would have more freedom to reorganise to meet the needs of Singaporeans
                                1. Government would also be able to reduce the amount of subsidies to the hospital
                                2. Means-testing
                                  1. subsidies provided by the government should benefit patients who need them most
                                    1. Resources fairly distributed if those who cannot afford to pay for healthcare get the most subsidies
                                    2. Implemented in 1 January 2009
                                  2. Promoting a healthy lifestyle
                                    1. If a person is in good health, he will not need medical treatment and the person can save on medical expenses
                                      1. Schools and workplaces
                                        1. programmes to emphasise the need to maintain good health
                                          1. Example
                                            1. regular physical exercises and a well-balanced diet are encouraged
                                      2. Working with organisations
                                        1. Community provides some healthcare support services to meet the needs of the people
                                          1. Because it is not possible for government to run all healthcare services
                                          2. Example
                                            1. Patients who are discharged from hospitals may still need medical care
                                              1. Voluntary welfare organisations are given grants
                                                1. To run community hospitals, nursing homes and day rehabilitation centres
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