EPQ Initial Ideas

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EPQ Initial Ideas
  1. A level Subjects
    1. Geography
      1. Biology
        1. Areas of interest
          1. stem cells
            1. treatment of disease
              1. limitations of stem cells
                1. new organs and limbs?
            2. Antibiotic- resistant bacteria
              1. threat to human population?
                1. solutions to antibiotic resistance
            3. French
              1. Chemistry
                1. Areas of interest
                  1. chemistry of drugs and medicines
                    1. drug testing in sports
                      1. cancer treatment
                        1. long term effects
                          1. Is cancer possible to cure?
                  2. Career Interests
                    1. Dentistry
                      1. the perfect smile?
                      2. Biotechnology
                        1. 3D printing in medicine
                          1. uses
                            1. printing organs
                              1. Is it possible to print functioning organs?
                                1. Could a human being be printed?
                                2. 3d printing with stem cells
                                3. Artificial limbs and prosthetic parts
                                4. Improvements in medicine
                                  1. medical training equipment for studnets
                              2. Pharmacy
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