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A mind map of Marco from "A view from the bridge"

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  1. Honour
    1. Grateful to Eddie and Bea
      1. "Eduardo.." (He goes to Eddie offering his hand)
      2. "I accuse that one!"
        1. He fights Eddie because of his sense of honour
        2. He doesn't believe in law
          1. "I don't understand this country"
        3. Family
          1. Sicily
            1. Economic migrant-he travelled for work
              1. Wife and three children
                1. Older one is sick in his chest
                  1. Wife feeds them out of her own mouth
                    1. "He trusts his wife"
                2. Rodolpho
                  1. Acts as a father figure to Rodolpho
                    1. Always looks after him
                      1. After Eddie boxes Rodolpho Marco intimidates him
                        1. End of Act 1 is tense and gives a foreshadowing of events
                      2. "He dreams, he dreams"
                  2. Personality
                    1. He is a stubborn man
                      1. He honours his word
                        1. Except when he kills Eddie...
                        2. Dominant
                          1. Air of authority
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