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A View from the Bridge mind map about Alfieri

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  1. Americanized ideology
    1. Law before honour is now more important to him
      1. "Nowadays, we settle for half and I prefer it like that"
      2. He still understands the Italian way of life
        1. "Justice is very important here"
        2. Symbolism
          1. Alfieri is the symbolises bridge
            1. Red Hook poverty and Manhattan wealth
            2. Alfieri is the narrator of the story
              1. His perspective hense "A View from the Bridge"
            3. Alfieri is a respected man
              1. Immigrants aspire to be like Alfieri
                1. "My father always said you were a smart man"
                  1. Bails out Marco and Rodolpho
                  2. Advice
                    1. Advises Eddie about Catherine: "Bless her. Let her go"
                      1. Alfieri advises Red Hook about American law
                        1. He sympathises with Eddie
                          1. "I understand Eddie but the law is very specific..."
                      2. Narration
                        1. Alfieri narrates the play " A View from the Bridge"
                          1. He is reflecting on the tragedy
                            1. Alfieri open the play and closes it
                            2. His analysis of the events in the play
                              1. "I knew it...I just knew"
                                1. "Watches it run its bloody course"
                                  1. He is powerless to stop anything in the play
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