Eddie Carbone

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Mind map of Eddie Carbone community, relationships, flaws and honour

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Eddie Carbone
  1. Honour
    1. Strong sense of honour
      1. "I want my name Marco"
        1. Catherine "he's a rat"
        2. He goes against his sense of honour in the end
          1. Alfieri "You wont have a friend in the world"
        3. Relationship with Bea and Catherine
          1. Love of Bea
            1. "Such a big heart"
              1. Bea talks to Eddie about "being wife again"
                1. Bea loves Eddie but knows of Catherine
                  1. "You cant have her Eddie"
              2. Catherine
                1. Acts too young for her age
                  1. He doesn't want her to grow up
                  2. Traditional father figure to her
                    1. Hates Rodolpho and other men
                2. Flaws in his character
                  1. Catherine his niece and adopted daughter
                    1. His obession
                      1. His obsession of her has turned unhealthy
                        1. Pocessive
                          1. "You're walking wavy"
                            1. Eddie cant allow her to grow up
                            2. Refuses at every stage in her life to let her go
                          2. His downfall
                          3. His personality
                            1. Pugnacious towards Rodolpho
                              1. He tries to justify his actions even when abandoning his own morals
                                1. Strict
                                  1. Used to being listened to and obeyed
                                  2. His confusion - Catherine
                                2. Community
                                  1. Good man
                                    1. Pillar of the community
                                      1. Wants the best for Catherine in terms of work
                                        1. Took the immigrants in to begin with
                                          1. Bea calls him an "Angel"
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