Barriers To Accessing Services

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A-Levels Health and Social Care (Unit 9 Accessing Services) Mind Map on Barriers To Accessing Services, created by niamhmccullough1 on 10/25/2013.

Created by niamhmccullough1 almost 6 years ago
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Barriers To Accessing Services
1 Lack of Knowledge
1.1 People Cannot access services because they don't know it exsists
1.2 Advertising services in suitible places
1.2.1 Services for children advertised between breaks in tv programmes
2 Financial Constraints
2.1 Cannot access the service because they don't know it exsists
2.2 Services at a reduced cost for free
3 Geographical Location
3.1 People cannot access a service because it is very far away and transport may be a problem.
3.2 Provision of transport (where possible). Outreach services, homes visits, action cancer bus, blood transfusion bus, accomodation, websites and 24hr helplines
4 Physical Barriers
4.1 People cannot access services because of steps, stairs etc
4.2 Ramps, handles, wide doors, push button entrances, disabled parking spaces
5 Pshycological Barriers
5.1 Embarrassment, Fear, Shame
5.2 Staff who are trained in dealing with anxious patients, private areas for discussion, bringing a friend, removal of uniforms, emotional support
6 Language
6.1 Not being able to speak the regional language
6.2 Translator, interpretors, have information in different languages, gestures
7 Communication Barriers
7.1 Unable to speak see or hear service users. With learning disability unable to understand. Pain anxiety dementia
7.2 Pen and paper/sign language, picture cards, braille, advocates, simple language, do not belittle, staff need to be paitent, glasses, hearing aids
8 Cultural Barriers
8.1 Religious beliefs about blood transfusions, women requesting care of a female doctor or nurse
8.2 Make staff trained and very aware

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