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Questions inspired by my research into the ideas of Jason Silva

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CI Practitioner Mind Map
  1. Why does there need to be a new 'renaissance of thought' when it comes to millennials? Why are they the 'key'?
    1. RADICAL OPENESS THEORY: The innovation of creating spaces in which 'ideas can have sex and procreate more ideas'
      1. You say that the invention of the internet has enabled the 'free-flowing of ideas
        1. What is it that millenials possess that enables them to innovate more successfully than other generations?
      2. Why do we need to 'perform' our theories/philosophies of thought?
        1. Why do we need to 'broadcast' our innovative thoughts? Who wants to listen?
          1. Why are we all 'co-authors of the meme-space'? Do we really need more authors?
          2. You claim 'we are the gods now', is that dangerous?
            1. How can we innovate past our own negative 'human' urges and tendancies so to improve our position in this world?
              1. Will we no longer be human? Is that a good thing to achieve?
              2. Is it our ability to produce and publish our thoughts that equates us to the gods of our ancestors ?
                1. Does this come from our 'ecstatic need for understanding'?
                  1. Our need to make sense of the world and continue to build on that knowledge ?
                    1. Cognitive Ecstacy: An exhilarating neuro-storm of intense intellectual pleasure .
                      1. EXPLANATION:consciousness is OBSESSED with pattern = pattern is structure = structure omits chaos =when we find patterns = we connect the dots = we experience cognitive ecstasy.
                2. What drives thought exploration? Entrapment of ideas or true freedom of thought? Is there really a difference?
                  1. How does redefiining what it means to 'think' help us innovate better?
                    1. Should we endeavour to innovate or should we endeavour to think? Which one truly informs the other or do they exists simultaneously?
                    2. Why are ideas just as real as the neurons
                      1. "Just as the biosphere stands above the world of nonliving matter, so an 'abstract kingdom' rises above the biosphere. The denizens of this kingdom? Ideas"
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