Superstitions and science

Marilyn See
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Marilyn See
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what are superstitions and how are they generated? how has superstitions affect one's lifestyle? science behind superstitions?

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Superstitions and science
  1. what are superstitions?
    1. supernatural causuality
      1. linkage of 2 events
        1. strong belief
          1. no basis in reality
          2. How superstitions are generated?
            1. explain nature and its existance
              1. connections to the spirit world
                1. mythology
                  1. passed from older generations
                    1. harbor superstitious beliefs
                    2. How superstitions affect one's lifestyle?
                      1. change traditions/customs
                        1. more careful of surroundings
                          1. situational awareness
                            1. conscious effort
                            2. Science behind superstitions?
                              1. brain
                                1. recognizes patterns
                                  1. add extra info
                                    1. cortical diffusion
                                      1. excited neutal cell
                                        1. passes collar signals
                                          1. passes signals to neighbours in a chain-like reaction
                                          2. connections between random events
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