Maltrato animal

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Cén fáth ainmhithe a chosaint ? Is iomaí uair is dóigh linn go bhfuil daoine a chosaint ar ainmhithe , daoine sentimental agus baseless chosaint a gcuid kittens agus puppies agus nach bhfuil siad ag smaoineamh fulaingt daonna .

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Maltrato animal


  • Why defend animals ? Many times we think that people who defend animals , are sentimental and baseless people defend their kittens and puppies and they do not think human suffering.
  1. animals can not express
    1. they feel like humans
    2. respect for human life
      1. It is a principle of tolerance
      2. if you could see or feel the suffering would not think
        1. psychopathic triad components
        2. no more animal abuse
          1. behaviors that cause unnecessary pain
          2. direct abuse
            1. Animal murder
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