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Secularisation (1)


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  1. How does Max Weber explain secularisation?
    1. Max Weber argues that Western society has undergone a process of 'rationalisation' in the last few centuries (Rational ways of thinking and acting have come to replace religious ones)
    2. What does Parsons mean by the term 'Structual Differentiation' & How does this explain secularisation?
      1. Structual differentiation is a process of specialisation that occurs with the development of industrial society.
        1. It leads to 'disengagement' of religion - its functions are transferred to other institutions, like the state & becomes disconnected from wider society: Religion loses its significance
      2. In what regards does social & cultural diversity lead to greater secularisation?
        1. In pre-industrial communities, shared values were expressed through collective religious rituals that integrated individuals & regulated their behaviour.
          1. But when religion lost its basis in stable local communities, it lost its vitality & its hold over individuals, which shows that diversity in society & culture gives freedom to people to choose whether they want to follow the religion or not.
        2. How does social & cultural diversity help explain secularisation?
          1. Social & geographical mobility breaks up communities but also brings people together from many different backgrounds, creating even more diversity. Diversity of occupations, cultures & lifestyles undermines religion. Even those who remain religious can't avoid knowing many of those around them hold very different views
          2. What is meant by the term 'Sacred Canopy'?
            1. A set of beliefs shared by all
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