Module 1 Study Guide

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Module 1 Study Guide: Constructions of Deviance

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Module 1 Study Guide
  1. Violations of Social Norms
    1. Folkways
      1. Every day norms based on custom, tradition or etiquette
      2. Mores
        1. Norms based on broad societal morals
        2. Laws
          1. Strongest norms as they are suppored by codified social sanctions
        3. CHAPTER 2 An Integrated Typology of Deviance Applied to Ten Middle-Class Norms
          1. Normative Expectations
            1. Expected Attitudes, Behaviors or Beliefs
            2. U.S. Middle Class Deviance
              1. Norm
                1. Negative Deviance
                  1. Underconformity or nonconformity that is negatively evaluated
                  2. Deviance Admiration
                    1. Underconformity that is positively evaluated
                    2. Rate Busting
                      1. Negative reaction not to underconformity but to overconformity
                      2. Positive Deviance
                        1. Overconformity to the norms that is positively evaluated
                      3. CHAPTER 3 Relativism: Labeling Theory
                        1. The essence of deviance is not contained within individuals behaviors but in the response others have to these.
                          1. Rule breaking behavior vs. Deviant Behavior
                            1. Deviance is not a quality that lies in behavior itself, but in the interaction between the person who commits and act and those who respond to it
                              1. CHAPTER 4 The Morality of Deviance
                                1. Cultural Relativism
                                  1. Adapt to change / Progress
                                  2. Moral Order
                                    1. Social stability
                                    2. Moral Boundaries
                                      1. Framework for orderly sense of cultural identity and social order
                                      2. Moral Consensus
                                        1. Construct hard principles - Be able to reach a conclusion on serious moral issues
                                        2. CHAPTER 5 Social Power: Conflict Theory of Crime
                                          1. Official Definition of Crime
                                            1. Behavior that is conferred on some people by those in power
                                            2. Formulating Definitions of Crime
                                              1. Those who are able to have their interests represented in public policy regulate the formulation of definitions of crime
                                              2. Applying Definitions of Crime
                                                1. Applied by the class that has the power to shape the enforcement and administration of criminal law
                                                2. How Behavior Patterns Develop in Relation to Definitions of Crime
                                                  1. Constructing an Ideology of Crime
                                                    1. Constructing the Social Reality of Crime
                                                      1. Constructed by the formulation and application of definitions of crime, the developement of behavior patterns and the construction of an ideology of crime
                                            3. CHAPTER 1 Defining Deviance
                                              1. Crime vs. Deviance
                                                1. ABC's of Deviance
                                                  1. Attitudes
                                                    1. Behaviors
                                                      1. Conditions
                                                        1. Categories of S's
                                                          1. Sin
                                                            1. Sick
                                                              1. Selected
                                                          2. On the Sociology of Deviance
                                                            1. Communities
                                                              1. Boundries
                                                                1. Culture and Role In Society
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