aboriginal issues

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mind map on aboriginal issues

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aboriginal issues
  1. how it started
    1. when the british came to canada they didnt understand the natives or their culture so instead of just living together in piece they decided to put a stop to it and made residential schools
      1. residential schools
        1. these schools were made to make the kids look and act more british
          1. the children had to attend these schools from ages 7-15 they couldnt speak their language dress or act in any of their cultural ways they had to dress british speak and act like it too
            1. is the children disobeyed in anyway they would be brutally punished
        2. after residential schools
          1. after residential schools slowly started to fade out the government decided to segregate the natives and put them in public schools
            1. this caused harsh discrimination on the natives by the non native kids this discrimination is still here today
            2. with some discrimination still in place the government struggles to find a way to reconnect with the native people
              1. the abpriginal community feel that even though they have their indian status that it isnt enough to make up for what the government did to them and their peoplr only 3 generations ago
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