Communication in Business

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Business communication system

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Communication in Business
  1. 3 Step communication process
    1. effective communication
      1. decoding
      2. internal/ external
        1. internal
          1. hierarchy
            1. bottom up communication - important to the business success. Customer feedback to employee - manager - owner
            2. upwards, downwards, lateral.
            3. external
              1. MARKETING: BZB - Business to business BZC - Business to consumer
                1. - Audience -Ways of communication - Formalities
                  1. Suppliers/stake holders
              2. Types of communication
                1. combination communication
                  1. verbal
                    1. non-verbal
                    2. non-verbal
                      1. colors, logo design, simbles, BODY LANGUAGE, VISUAL LANGUAGE
                      2. verbal
                        1. oral & written
                      3. Barriers to communication
                        1. reducing barriers
                        2. formal and informal
                          1. formal
                            1. business has control over it
                              1. Eg: Sale poster, website, email re work hours.
                            2. informal
                              1. business doesn't have control over it
                                1. Eg: business social media, email of the employee giving the customer a feedback
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