Framework 2: Pragmatics

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Framework 2: Pragmatics
1 What is pragmatics?
1.1 shared knowledge between the text producer and receiver
1.2 Language and meaning rely on shared knowledge, contextual information, implication and inference
2 Context, implication and interference
2.1 this can be demonstrated by asking "what have you done?" in these sentences:
2.1.1 1) asking a friend about their homework actually asking
2.1.2 2) confronting a sibling about moving you stuff rhetorical question
2.2 relationship between context and implied meaning
2.3 3) your friend shows you an impressive change to their house
2.3.1 exclamation
2.4 4) your friend shows you some horrifying changes to their house
2.4.1 implying it looks bad
3 Grice's Maxims
3.1 Another way of explaining how implied meanings work
3.2.1 Use an appropriate amount of detail
3.3 2) QUALITY
3.3.1 Speak the truth
3.4.1 Keep what is being discussed relevant to the topic
3.5 4) MANNER
3.5.1 Avoid vagueness and ambiguity
4 Deixis
4.1 Shared context: "i'm here now" means little when used out of context
4.2 Personal deixis- I, me, you
4.3 Spatial deixis- here, there, left, right
4.4 Temporal deixis- now, there, today, tomorrow
4.5 Dectic centre:
4.5.1 Distal- that, those, there, then
4.5.2 Proximal- this, there, here, now

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