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Maus Characters
1 Vladek Spiegelman
1.1 Father of Artie
1.2 Story of Maus traces his experiences with The Holocaust
1.3 Polish Jew
2 Artie Spiegelman
2.1 Author and narrator of Maus
2.2 Surviving child of Vladek and Anja after the The Holocaust
2.3 Has a strained relationship with his father, Vladek
3 Mala
3.1 Second wife of Vladek
3.2 Lives with Vladek
3.3 Argues with Vladek almost every time they have a conversation
3.4 Vladek makes her feel that she can never live up to Anja
4 Anja Spiegelman
4.1 Vladek's first wife
4.2 Committed suicide by slitting her wrists in 1968 with no suicide note
4.3 Artie's Mother
4.4 Polish Jew
5 Lucia
5.1 Dated Vladek for 3-4 years before he became engaged
5.2 Jewish
6 Francoise
6.1 Wife of Artie
6.2 French but converted to Judaism in preparation for their marriage to please Vladek
6.3 Discusses Artie's relationship with Vladek and the Holocaust
7 Richieu Spiegelman
7.1 Vladek and Anja's first child, born in Poland in 1937
7.2 Died from poison by Anja's sister, Tosha, as a way to avpid capture by the Nazis
8 Tosha
8.1 Sister of Anja
8.2 Responsible for the death of Richieu
9 Mrs Motonowa
9.1 Befriends Vladek
9.2 Offers to hide Vladek and Anja at her farm with her seven-year old son
10 Mandelbaum
10.1 Owned a pastry store in Sosnowiec where Vladek and Anja often shopped
10.2 Encounters with Vladek again when smugglers take Vladek to Hungary
11 Ilzecki
11.1 Former customer of Vladek from before the war
11.2 Meets with Vladek again after conducting business in the black market
11.3 Offered Vladek to hide Vladek's son - Richieu with his own son in Poland but Anja refuses
11.4 Dies in The Holocaust
12 Mancie
12.1 Helps Anja at Birkenau by passing notes and food from Vladek
12.2 Hungarian Jew
12.3 Seen as a higher status as a result of an affair with and S.S. guard
13 Yidl
13.1 Vladek's boss at the tin shop in Auschwitz
13.2 Communist and Jewish
13.3 Despises Vladek for having owned a factory before the war and for not knowing how to work with tin
14 Pavel
14.1 Artie's psychiatrist
14.2 Also a survivor of the Holocaust
14.3 Artie sees Pavel once a week and they always tend to make him feel better
15 Mrs Kawka
15.1 Owner of a small farm on the outskirts of Sosnowiec
15.2 Allows Vladek and Anja to hide in her barn for a price
15.3 Vladek and Anja's first place to hide before moving to Mrs Motonowa
15.4 Person who tells Vladek about the smugglers who can take him to Hungary
16 Haskel
16.1 Vladek's cousin
16.2 Chief of the Jewish Police in the Srodula ghetto
16.3 Survives the war, Vladek sends him packages for some time afterwards
17 Shivek
17.1 Friend of Vladek's before the war
17.2 Meet again upon release from concentration camps
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