Test Taking Strategies

Ashley Nicole Ma
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Ashley Nicole Ma
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Test taking skills

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Test Taking Strategies
  1. True/False
    1. Watch out for absolutes
      1. Often make answer "False"
      2. Assume true until proven wrong
        1. Look for qualifiers
          1. Make statement "true"
          2. double (-)'s are confusing
          3. Essay
            1. Requires Details
              1. Save Enough Time
                1. Read all ?'s before you start
                  1. Brief Notes
                    1. Zero in on the "VERB"
                    2. Short Answer
                      1. 1 or 2 paragraphs
                        1. Fill in the blank
                          1. Think about statement thoroughly
                            1. Insert different words
                              1. Which word sounds the best?
                                1. Which was used during lecture/book?
                                2. Look at:...
                                  1. # of words
                                    1. Placement of spaces
                                      1. Length of space
                                    2. Multiple Choice
                                      1. Think of answer 1st before reading choices
                                        1. Line up test ane answer sheet
                                          1. Time per item T.P.I
                                            1. Process of elimination
                                            2. Matching
                                              1. Determine if items are used once or more
                                                1. Unclear? Ask for clarification!
                                                2. Match known answers 1st
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