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1 Setting; -The burnt out theatre 'a reflection of the larger drama taking place outside.' The theatre is a powerful form of political protest and enriching people's lives with 'art'.
2 War; Whose really mad, those killing each other or those effected by experience. Love, fidelity were considered to be less important.
3 Inhumanity, ineffectiveness of the mental health system.
4 Nowra explores 'fidelity' 'sexual constancy'. Men can equally disloyal and they have unrealistic expectations of women.
5 Cosi Fan Tutte;
5.1 Mozarts opera explores loyalty and betrayal that women are easily disloyal.
5.2 Opera Buffa;
5.2.1 Comic opera, light nature.
6 Human beings to be damaged. Downside to the human condition.
7 Themes;
7.1 Comedy;
7.1.1 Situation comedy; clashes between an impossible change and the inadequacies of the individuals involved.
7.1.2 Character comedy; clashes between very different types of people.
7.1.3 Black comedy; allowing serious or sensitive issues to be presented in a comical context. Audience is encourages to laugh at things that are not normally considered humorous.
7.2 Love&Fidelity.
7.2.1 Considered to be of less importance.
7.2.2 Characters present slight different perspectives. Some are firm on their positions while others develop differing perspectives.
7.2.3 Free-love; Freedom to choose whom they engage in romantic relationships. Instead of applying by convention and society.
7.3 Sanity&Insanity;
7.3.1 Patients were viewed as 'madmen' from outsiders. Seen in a stereotypical way.
7.3.2 Not diagnosed in play.Illustrating that mental stability is not a black and white issue.
7.4 Reality&Illusion;
7.4.1 Ruth struggles with the difference between.
7.4.2 Lewis deluded himself into believing that Lucy was faithful.
7.4.3 Roy uses illusions to cope with the childhood he had. beginning to actually believe that his illusion is reality.
7.4.4 Together they build an illusory world, of Cosi Fan Tutte.
7.5 Learning,Growth&Self-development.
7.5.1 Patients teach Lewis more about life then his entire university education.
7.5.2 Develops a new perspective and insight into certain matters and himself, and learns about the importance of friendship.
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