Tourist destinations

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Gateway 1, Part 1 of Global Tourism: A rough mind map

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Tourist destinations
  1. scenic beauty
    1. eg. Kenya
      1. Honeypot tourism
        1. eg. Grand Canyon
          1. def: tourism that attracts large numbers of people due to a site's scenic beauty
        2. good facilities
          1. Theme parks
            1. cater to a variety of people
            2. Medical and spa
              1. medical tourism def: when people travel to a destination to undergo medical procedures that would enhance or restore health
                1. health tourism def: when people travel to a destination to maintain, enhance or restore their minds or bodies
                2. Education
                  1. def: when people travel to a place for educational purposes or to learn something about the place
                  2. MICE
                    1. Incentives
                      1. Conventions
                        1. Meetings
                          1. Events
                        2. rich culture
                          1. Heritage
                            1. eg. World Heritage Sites
                              1. def: when people travel to locations to experience different cultures and to understand the history of places better
                              2. Film-induced
                                1. eg. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China (Avatar)
                                  1. def: when people travel to see locations featured in films
                                  2. Pilgrimage
                                    1. def: when people travel to take part in a religious activity, usually involving a journey to a sacred place that is important to a person's faith.
                                      1. eg. Mecca, Saudi Arabia (Hajj)
                                      2. Gourmet food, shopping
                                        1. def: when tourists organise their trips to enjoy certain cuisines or to shop
                                          1. eg. Hong Kong (food), London (shopping)
                                        2. (places of) conflicts
                                          1. refers to areas where wars, battles and tragedies have occurred
                                            1. Dark tourism
                                              1. involves travelling to sites associated with death and tragedy
                                                1. eg. Ruins of Pompeii, Italy (volcanic eruption)
                                              2. space tourism
                                                1. def: when people travel beyond the Earth's atmosphere into space
                                                  1. exclusive; very costly
                                                    1. in future, suborbital flights lasting less than a day could become popular
                                                      1. eg. Virgin Galactic
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