Total Film 2

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A2 Media Total Film Reivew Page Analysis

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Total Film 2
  1. Clear high quality screenshot from the movie itself allows the reader to gain an insight into the costume design and overall tone of the film. From this particular screenshot we can gather that Gandalf will encounter something bad as proven by his facial expressions.
    1. Rating of film shown in red. So if the reader doesn’t want to spend their time reading the entire review they can quickly locate a universal rating system that can quickly inform them on whether the movie is worth their time or not.
      1. The editors purposeful lack of complicated terminology opens up the magazine to a wider audience demographic.
      2. Reminder to the reader where and how to subscribe to every issue of Total Film.
        1. The structure of the review is simple enough. Paragraphs are not necessarily short, however the simplicity of the struture minimizes any confusion that a reader could have. Also, the review concludes at the end with a conclusion paragraph, which is clearly shown by the division of red text.
        2. Review quote in red so it clearly stands out amongst the main bulk of text. ‘Fighting talk’ possibly a pun to the amount of time spent talking instead of fighting in the movie. Allows the editor to be amusing and connect with his readers.
          1. Shows page number, issue number and date of issue to allow the reader to quickly and easily remind themselves of which issue they are reading.
            1. Light hearted pun which is also a reference to another movie. Creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the reader which allows them to connect and like the editors of the magazine.
              1. The language used within the review could be described as informal. Due to the subject matter, the editor does not feel the need to bore the reader with complicated terminology that the average reader would not understand. Phrases such as, "a fitting end (or should that be middle?)" allow the reader to laugh with the editor and everything becomes instantly more lighthearted, which allows the average reader to have fun whilst reading reviews.
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